Jgroup/ARM Documentation

The following powerpoint presentation gives an overview of The Jgroup/ARM Dependable Computing Toolkit . Alternatively, the same presentation in PDF format (but without animations).

Information on how to install and try out Jgroup/ARM can be found in the readme.txt file (also contained in the distribution.)

The Jgroup/ARM Tutorial and Programmer's Manual provides information for those interested in developing applications using Jgroup. The manual contains an overview of the main characteristics of the Jgroup object group system. For an overview of the ARM framework see the publications page. Detailed information about the Jgroup/ARM API are contained in the Javadoc documentation that can be generated from the source files.

There is also a draft Jgroup Developers Manual that provides a description of the Jgroup implementation, including the package organization and the layer structure. More details can be obtain on request by contacting Hein Meling.