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The Jgroup/ARM distribution contains the source code of Jgroup/ARM, a jar file with the compiled classes and the generated Javadoc documentation. In addition, it also contains the readme.txt , sample configuration files required to run Jgroup/ARM group-based applications, and an Ant build file for compiling Jgroup/ARM and running a number of provided test applications. Jgroup/ARM is licensed under the LGPL .

You may also wish to access the CVS repository to gain access to the most recent changes in Jgroup/ARM.

Jgroup 3.0.1 Patch by Laurent Paquereau which makes it possible to run multiple jgroup servers on one host. See also readme.txt.
Jgroup 3.0 Redesign of the EGMI architecture, support for Java 5 annotations, and many other improvements. See readme.txt.
Jgroup 2.0 Many new features, bug fixes and other improvements. See readme-2.0.txt.
Jgroup 1.1.1 Corrected a bug related to leave() operations of the group membership service. See readme-1.0.txt.
Jgroup 1.1.0 Integrated Jgroup and Jini; integrated Jgroup and dynamic proxy classes; corrected bugs related to internal and external group method invocations. See readme-1.0.txt.
Jgroup 1.0.2 Corrected a bug preventing the correct functioning of internal group method invocations. See readme-1.0.txt.