Project Status

Project development is mainly focusing on research aspects. Users and developers interested in more recent features and improvements to the Jgroup/ARM toolkit may wish to obtain up-to-date source code from CVS .

  • Jgroup/ARM 2.0 was released October 2002.
  • Jgroup/ARM 3.0 was released may 2007.

Project Utilization

In addition to being used as a platform for research activities, the Jgroup/ARM toolkit is actively being used for teaching purposes at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in

Open Research and Development Projects

Students and others interested in contributing to the development of Jgroup/ARM should consider the following projects.

Completed Jgroup/ARM Subprojects

  1. Autonomous Replication Management (ARM); initiated by Hein Meling
  2. Jgroup/Jini 2.0 integration; MSc student Rohnny Moland (Hein Meling supervisor)
  3. Framework for integration and regression testing; MSc student Rune Vestvik (Hein Meling supervisor)
  4. Replicated transactions; PhD student Heine Kolltveit

Ideas for future Jgroup/ARM Subprojects

The Jgroup/ARM project is looking for people to implement new features. Please contact Hein Meling for more details, if you find any of these projects interesting. Here is a list of "desired features":

  1. Database integration with Jgroup (based on JDO or Hibernate)
  2. Optimization of the group membership and reliable multicast algorithm
  3. Evaluation of the Enterprise JavaBeans model with respect to fault tolerance and/or integration with Jgroup
  4. Implementation of a Reliable Event Service based on Jgroup
  5. Implementation of replicated JavaSpaces on top of Jgroup
  6. Implementation of a zero-copy message handler in Jgroup
  7. Implementation of a primary partition layer in Jgroup