Package jgroup.arm

This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework.


Class Summary
ApplicationStarter The application starter class is wrapper for starting a server replica in a separate child JVM process, and sets up a pipe between the parent and child process.
ExecDaemon ExecDaemon implements the ExecService allowing a replica manager or other entity to start replicas on hosts running the ExecDaemon.
ManagementClient Client program for accessing the Replication Manager.
RecoveryLayer Recovery layer for providing the replication manager with view change events from groups assoicated with the replication manager.
ReplicaManagerImpl This implementation of the replication manager interfaces make use of a variant of the semi-active replication scheme, in which only the leader RM replica receive and process the requests, while the follower replicas receive state update messages through the StateListener interface.
ShutdownHost Shutdown the execution service on the given host.

Package jgroup.arm Description

This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. It features seamless replica distribution, and a recovery mechanism to ensure that the redundancy level requirements are maintained for each application running within the system. Each application that wish to use the ARM framework must define its application-specific properties in the applications.xml configuration file.

To start using the ARM framework, each host in your system must be running the execution daemon. This can be started using the execdaemon target found in the ant build.xml file. For example:

ant execdaemon

Next, the replicamanager target should be started, preferably on a host that does not run an execution daemon. This is because, the target will initiate the bootstrap process for the replication manager, and will install replicas of itself on the required set of hosts (running the execution daemon).

Finally, the mc-perf target can be started to install the performance server within the system. Note that the mc-perf target will start a management client. Currently, this has only hard-coded applications that it will start; since this is just a prototype we have yet to develop a GUI application for the management client.

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