Interface Layer

All Known Subinterfaces:
DispatcherService, ExternalGMIService, InternalGMIService, LeaseService, LookupService, MembershipService, MergingService, MulticastService, NotifyService, RecoveryService, RegistryService, TimestampService, UpgradeService
All Known Implementing Classes:
IntGroupHandler, JeriEGMILayer, LeaseLayer, MembershipLayer, MergingLayer, MulticastLayer, NewDispatcherLayer, NotifyLayer, RecoveryLayer, RegistryLayer, TimestampLayer, TotalOrderLayer, UpgradeLayer

public interface Layer

This interface must be implemented by all layers that should be constructable by runtime parsing of the XML layer composition framework. Typically, a service interface (e.g., MembershipService) will extend this interface to avoid additional interface declarations in the actual layer implementation.

Jgroup 1.2
Hein Meling

Nested Class Summary
static interface Layer.FinalizeLayer
          This is a special interface implemented by layers that has to perform post construction finalization.
Method Summary
 void addListener(java.lang.Object listener)
          Add a listener to this layer.

Method Detail


void addListener(java.lang.Object listener)
Add a listener to this layer. Many layers require to be notified of events produced by other layers in order to provide its own functionallity, and this method must be invoked to notify this layer of an interested listener. A listener may be another layer or an application server replica.

listener - An Object representation of the listener interface. This will typically be cast to the appropriate listener interface type after checking the type with the instanceof operator.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - Raised if the given listener object do not implement any of the listeners provided by this layer.

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