Package jgroup.core.arm

Interface Summary
ARMEvent Event types implementing the ARMEvent interface may be passed to the replication manager to notify it of certain events.
DistributionScheme The DistributionScheme interface provides a standard for implementing various distribution schemes that simplify interaction with the ReplicationManager.
ExecService The ExecService interface describes the methods of an execution service that can be remotely invoked.
RecoveryListener The RecoveryListener is a marker interface for the Recovery service.
RecoveryService Recovery service interface is an empty marker interface implemented by the RecoveryLayer, which provides the replication manager with view change events.
RecoveryStrategy The RecoveryStrategy interface provides methods that must be implemented by a particular recovery service.
ReplicationManager The ReplicationManager interface describes the methods that a management client can invoke on the replication manager to create and remove object groups within the distributed system.
ReplicationManager.ManagementCallback Callback interface for monitoring installed applications.
ShutdownListener The ShutdownListener must be implemented by servers that wish have control over its own shutdown procedure.

Exception Summary
ExecException Class for ExecExceptions thrown by the ExecDaemon.
GroupExistsException Class for GroupExistsExceptions.
RedundancyException Class for RedundancyExceptions.
UnknownGroupException Class for UnknownGroupExceptions.

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