Package jgroup.core.registry

Interface Summary
DependableRegistry For obtaining references to remote objects, RMI includes a registry service, that provides methods for storing and retrieving remote object references.
DependableRegistry.RegistryEntry This interface must be implemented by all types that needs to be stored in a dependable registry.
LookupRegistry Interface used by clients to lookup proxy in registry.
LookupService Service interface for performing lookups from a replicated client group.
RegistryListener The RegistryListener is a marker interface that declares no methods.
RegistryLocator This interface is the service provider interface for the registry location service.
RegistryService This interface is used by servers to bind and unbind their reference with a specified name from the dependable registry.

Class Summary
BootstrapRegistry Provides static methods for binding bootstrap references to a local RMI registry.
RegistryFactory Class RegistryFactory is used to obtain a group proxy for the dependable registry service, or to create a dependable registry replica on the local machine.

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