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Packages that use ConfigurationObject

Uses of ConfigurationObject in jgroup.relacs.config

Classes in jgroup.relacs.config that implement ConfigurationObject
 class AppConfig
          Class for holding application information, including replication style and recovery strategy for the dependable applications.
 class BootstrapRegistryConfig
          Class for holding bootstrap registry information.
 class ClientsConfig
          The ClientsConfig object contains the set of clients on which client applications may be started.
 class DistributedSystemConfig
          The DistributedSystemConfig object contains a description of the distributed system on which distributed computations can be executed.
 class LayerConfig
          Object for holding layer information and creating instances of the layer, and add listeners between the layers.
 class ServiceConfig
          Object for holding service information.
 class TransportConfig
          The TransportConfig class contains the configuration parameters needed by the underlying transport protocol used in Relacs.

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