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Packages that use DomainSet

Uses of DomainSet in jgroup.relacs.config

Methods in jgroup.relacs.config that return DomainSet
 DomainSet ClientsConfig.getDomainSet()
          Returns the parsed set of domains.
 DomainSet DistributedSystemConfig.getDomainSet()
          Returns the parsed set of domains.

Constructors in jgroup.relacs.config with parameters of type DomainSet
DomainSet(DomainSet domains, java.util.Comparator<Domain> comparator)
          Constructs a new DomainSet containg the given domain set, whose iteration order is defined by the given comparator.

Uses of DomainSet in jgroup.util.log

Methods in jgroup.util.log that return DomainSet
 DomainSet ConnectionPatternEvent.getPartition( inetAdr)
          Returns the domain set (the partition) of the given host.

Methods in jgroup.util.log that return types with arguments of type DomainSet
 java.util.Set<DomainSet> ConnectionPatternEvent.getPartitions()
          Returns a set of domain sets representing the partitions of this connection pattern event.

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