Interface Summary
DispatcherListener The DispatcherListener interface must be implemented by layers that wish to receive event messages originated from the daemon.
DispatcherService Service interface for the dispatcher layer.
InternalNotification Internal Notification interface.
InternalTimestamp Class used to get the local timestamp for all members in a group.
LeaseService Service interface for the lease layer.
NotifyService Service interface for the notify layer.
PingListener The PingListener interface is a remote interface used by the daemon to periodically poll a remote member object to verify if it is still active or has crashed.
RemoteDispatcher This is the remote interface of the dispatcher service, that contains a method to queue events in the member's dispatcher.
TimestampListener Timestamp listener interface.
TimestampService Service interface for the timestamp layer.

Class Summary
LeaseInfo The LeaseInfo class is a datastructure used by the dependable registry to support leasing.
LeaseLayer The LeaseLayer implements a lease based refresh mechanism towards the dependable registry.
MembershipLayer The MembershipLayer class implements the group membership service interface and provide membership events to listeners.
MergingLayer This MergingLayer class implements the Jgroup state merging service.
MulticastLayer The MulticastLayer class implements the multicast service.
NewDispatcherLayer Handle dispatching daemon events to other layers in the stack, e.g., the MembershipLayer and MulticastLayer.
NotifyLayer The NotifyLayer class keeps track of IIDs in the current view, and compares this to the previous.
TimestampLayer The TimestampLayer creates an agreed timestamp between all the members in a group.
TimestampService.Timestamp The timestamp object is used to detect duplicate invocations from several members of the same group, and yet distinguish the invocations amongst multiple groups.
TotalOrderLayer The TotalOrderLayer class implements the multicast service, and uses the underlying reliable multicast service.

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