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Uses of InvocationResult in jgroup.relacs.gmi

Methods in jgroup.relacs.gmi that return InvocationResult
 InvocationResult GroupInvocationDispatcher.dispatch( in)
          Invokes serialized request on object.
protected  InvocationResult GroupInvocationHandler.invokeRequest(IID iid, MethodDetails minfo, java.lang.Object[] args, net.jini.jeri.OutboundRequest req)
          Try to invoke method using given request

Uses of InvocationResult in jgroup.relacs.gmi.protocols

Methods in jgroup.relacs.gmi.protocols that return InvocationResult
 InvocationResult Atomic.dispatch( in)
          Handle inbound request to the local endpoint with atomic invocation semantics.
 InvocationResult Multicast.dispatch( in)
          Handle inbound request to the local endpoint with multicast invocation semantics.
 InvocationResult ProtocolDispatcher.dispatch( in)
          Invoked to dispatch a method invocation on the local endpoint or on multiple external endpoints.
 InvocationResult BasicDispatcher.dispatch( in)
 InvocationResult Leadercast.dispatch( in)
          Handle inbound request to the local endpoint with leadercast invocation semantics.

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