Package jgroup.relacs.mss

Interface Summary
FragmentIterator The FragmentIterator interface allows a message to be iterated on, by returning a single fragment at each invocation of the next() method.
Msg The Msg interface must be implemented by all message types that may be broken up into fragments.
MssConstants The MssConstants interface declares a number of constants mainly relevant for the mss level.
MssTag The MssTag interface contains the tags used by the Mss.
MssUser The MssUser interface should be implemented by layers using the Mss to receive callback notifications from the Mss itself.
NetworkInterface The NetworkInterface interface.
NIListener The NIListener interface must be implemented to receive notification of packet arrivals.

Class Summary
EventHandler The EventHandler class handles all events, packets and timeout events generated by the various mss layer components and by the network interface threads.
FCEntry The FCEntry class.
FragmentHeader This class contains the mss level fragment header data.
HostTable The HostTable class
MsgJG The MsgJG class is the main mss level message, used for passing Jgroup related multicast messages to group members.
MsgRouting The MsgRouting class
Mss The Mss class implements a Multi-Send Service.
MssHost The MssHost class
RoutingTable The RoutingTable class

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