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Uses of Event in jgroup.util.log

Subclasses of Event in jgroup.util.log
 class ConnectionPatternEvent
          A connection pattern event to be logged.
 class DomainEvent
          A partition or merge event to be logged.
 class ExperimentEvent
 class ReplicaEvent
          A replica event to be logged.
 class ViewEvent
          A view event to be logged.

Methods in jgroup.util.log with parameters of type Event
 int Event.compareTo(Event event)
          Allows the system to compare two events to determine which are first in some ordering; hence making it simple to sort the events.
static void Eventlogger.logEvent(Event event)
          Log any event type.
static void Eventlogger.logEventFlush(Event event)
          Log any event type and flush to disk.
static void Event.setRelativeTo(Event relativeEvent)
          Set the event whose time will be the used to compute relative time of consecutive events.

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