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Packages that use EventType

Uses of EventType in jgroup.util.log

Classes in jgroup.util.log that implement EventType
static class ConnectionPatternEvent.ConnectionPatternType
static class ConnectionPatternEvent.Type
          Supported connection event types.
static class DomainEvent.Type
          Supported domain event types.
static class ExperimentEvent.Type
          Supported experiment event types.
static class ReplicaEvent.Type
          Supported replica event types.
static class ViewEvent.Type
          Supported view change event types.

Fields in jgroup.util.log declared as EventType
protected  EventType Event.type

Methods in jgroup.util.log that return EventType
 EventType Event.getType()

Methods in jgroup.util.log with parameters of type EventType
 boolean Event.isType(EventType theType)
          Returns true if the given type is the same as the type of this instance.
static void Eventlogger.logEvent(EventType type, java.lang.String description)
          Log event with both type and description.
static void Eventlogger.logEventFlush(EventType type, java.lang.String description)
          Log event with both type and description and flush to disk.

Constructors in jgroup.util.log with parameters of type EventType
DomainEvent(EventType type, java.lang.String description, Domain domain)
Event(EventType type, java.lang.String description)
Event(long time, EventType type, java.lang.String description)
ExperimentEvent(EventType type, int round, int rerun)
ReplicaEvent(EventType type, int groupId)
ReplicaEvent(EventType type, int groupId, host)
ViewEvent(EventType type, View view)

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