Package jgroup.util

Class Summary
BooleanSet The BooleanSet class implements a set through an array of bits.
CacheMap<K,V> Implementation of a map with limited access times to a key/value pair.
InMessage Input stream message optimized to avoid message copying.
IntList The IntList class represents ordered lists of integers.
JUnit Support functions for running JUnit test cases.
MsgFactory The MsgFactory is used to create messages valid for the Jgroup Mss layer.
Network Utility class for obtaining the local host.
OrderedList The OrderedList class represents an ordered collection of objects.
OutMessage The OutMessage class is an output stream specially designed to be used with a transport layer which fragments messages.
Queue The Queue class implements a queue with last-in, first-out semantics.
ThreadIdPatternConverter Return the events thread (usually the current thread) in a StringBuffer.
ThreadMonitor Monitor threads to detect thread failures, and perform corrective action in case some thread has crashed.
Util The Util class implements various useful static methods that can be invoked from anywhere.

Error Summary
Abort Utility class for dealing with serious failures.

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