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Uses of Layer.FinalizeLayer in jgroup.core

Subinterfaces of Layer.FinalizeLayer in jgroup.core
 interface MembershipService
          The facilities provided by the group membership service included in Jgroup may be accessed using the MembershipService interface.

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Subinterfaces of Layer.FinalizeLayer in
 interface NotifyService
          Service interface for the notify layer.
 interface TimestampService
          Service interface for the timestamp layer.

Classes in that implement Layer.FinalizeLayer
 class MembershipLayer
          The MembershipLayer class implements the group membership service interface and provide membership events to listeners.
 class MergingLayer
          This MergingLayer class implements the Jgroup state merging service.
 class NotifyLayer
          The NotifyLayer class keeps track of IIDs in the current view, and compares this to the previous.
 class TimestampLayer
          The TimestampLayer creates an agreed timestamp between all the members in a group.

Uses of Layer.FinalizeLayer in jgroup.relacs.gmi

Classes in jgroup.relacs.gmi that implement Layer.FinalizeLayer
 class JeriEGMILayer
          This layer implements the external group method invocation service based on JERI.

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