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Packages that use Multicast
jgroup.arm This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. 

Uses of Multicast in jgroup.arm

Methods in jgroup.arm with annotations of type Multicast
 int ReplicaManagerImpl.createGroup(AppConfig app)
 void ReplicaManagerImpl.notifyEvent(ARMEvent event)
 void ReplicaManagerImpl.removeGroup(AppConfig app)
 void ReplicaManagerImpl.subscribe(ReplicationManager.ManagementCallback callback, int gid)
 void ReplicaManagerImpl.unsubscribe(int gid)
 void ReplicaManagerImpl.updateGroup(AppConfig app)

Uses of Multicast in jgroup.relacs.registry

Methods in jgroup.relacs.registry with annotations of type Multicast
 IID RegistryImpl.bind(java.lang.String service, DependableRegistry.RegistryEntry entry, java.lang.Class serverClass)
 IID RegistryImpl.bind(java.lang.String service, DependableRegistry.RegistryEntry entry, java.lang.Class serverClass, long leaseTime)
 void RegistryImpl.refresh(IID iid)
 void RegistryImpl.unbind(IID iid)

Uses of Multicast in jgroup.upgrade

Methods in jgroup.upgrade with annotations of type Multicast
 void UpgradeManagerImpl.downgradeGroup(AppConfig app)
          Downgrade the group for the given application.
 void UpgradeManagerImpl.upgradeGroup(AppConfig app)
          Upgrade the group for the specified application, with the applications required redundancy.
 void UpgradeLayer.upgradeRequest(AppConfig newApp)
          The upgradeRequest method will initiate the upgrade of the given application group to the new specified application class.

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