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Packages that use LookupRegistry

Uses of LookupRegistry in jgroup.core.registry

Subinterfaces of LookupRegistry in jgroup.core.registry
 interface DependableRegistry
          For obtaining references to remote objects, RMI includes a registry service, that provides methods for storing and retrieving remote object references.

Methods in jgroup.core.registry that return LookupRegistry
static LookupRegistry RegistryFactory.getLookupRegistry()
 LookupRegistry RegistryLocator.getLookupRegistry()
          Returns a LookupRegistry interface, which can be used by clients to lookup a remote reference from registry.

Uses of LookupRegistry in jgroup.relacs.registry

Classes in jgroup.relacs.registry that implement LookupRegistry
 class RegistryImpl
          This class implements the DependableRegistry interface.

Methods in jgroup.relacs.registry that return LookupRegistry
 LookupRegistry RelacsRegistryLocator.getLookupRegistry()

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