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Uses of HostSet in jgroup.arm.recovery

Methods in jgroup.arm.recovery with parameters of type HostSet
 boolean KeepMinimalInPartition.handleFailure(HostSet hosts)
          FIXME UPDATE DOCUMENTATION: The KeepMinimalInPartition implementation simply assume that the servers do not maintain any state or has some other means of recovering their state, and tries to relocate the replicas to a new set of hosts.

Uses of HostSet in jgroup.core.arm

Methods in jgroup.core.arm that return HostSet
 HostSet DistributionScheme.assignReplicas(AppConfig app)
          Assign the host location for the specified application.
 HostSet DistributionScheme.collocateReplicas(AppConfig app, AppConfig collocateWithApp)
 HostSet DistributionScheme.removeReplicas(AppConfig app)
          Remove replica assignments for the specified application.

Methods in jgroup.core.arm with parameters of type HostSet
 boolean RecoveryStrategy.handleFailure(HostSet hosts)
          Handle multiple simulatenous failures; this may either be due to a network partitioning scenario or if several members of the group failed at the same time.

Uses of HostSet in jgroup.relacs.config

Methods in jgroup.relacs.config that return HostSet
 HostSet ClientsConfig.getAllHosts()
          Returns a set of all hosts parsed; independent of domain.
 HostSet DistributedSystemConfig.getAllHosts()
          Returns a set of all hosts parsed; independent of domain.
 HostSet HostSet.getAvailHosts()
          Returns the set of hosts that are considered available; i.e.
 HostSet Domain.getHostSet()
          Returns the HostSet for the hosts in this domain.
 HostSet AppConfig.getViewHosts()
          Returns the set of hosts on which replicas of this application is known to be located.

Methods in jgroup.relacs.config with parameters of type HostSet
 void HostSet.addHosts(HostSet hostSet)
          Add all hosts in the given HostSet to this HostSet.
 boolean HostSet.containsAll(HostSet hostSet)
          Check if the given host set is fully contained in this HostSet.
 void HostSet.removeHosts(HostSet hostSet)
          Remove all hosts in the given HostSet from this HostSet.

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