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Packages that use TransportConfig

Uses of TransportConfig in jgroup.relacs.daemon

Methods in jgroup.relacs.daemon with parameters of type TransportConfig
static Daemon Daemon.createDaemon(TransportConfig conf)
          Create a daemon object on the local host.

Uses of TransportConfig in jgroup.relacs.mss

Constructors in jgroup.relacs.mss with parameters of type TransportConfig
Mss(MssUser mssuser, DistributedSystemConfig dsc, TransportConfig tconf)
          Constructs a new Mss object.
MssHost(TransportConfig config, EndPoint hostEndPoint, jgroup.relacs.mss.NI ni, jgroup.relacs.mss.Cluster cluster, EventHandler ehandler)
          Builds a host object identified by hostEndPoint.

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