Uses of Interface

Packages that use DaemonMsg

Uses of DaemonMsg in jgroup.relacs.daemon

Classes in jgroup.relacs.daemon that implement DaemonMsg
 class MsgMcast
          The MsgMcast class

Uses of DaemonMsg in jgroup.relacs.mss

Methods in jgroup.relacs.mss with parameters of type DaemonMsg
 void Mss.msend(byte tag, DaemonMsg msg)
          M-sends message msg to all the hosts in the hosttable.
 void Mss.msend(byte tag, DaemonMsg msg, EndPoint[] receivers)
          M-sends message msg to the hosts in the destination array receivers.
 void Mss.send(byte tag, DaemonMsg msg, EndPoint receiver)
          Sends message the msg to a single host specified by receiver.

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