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Packages that use RemoteDispatcher   

Uses of RemoteDispatcher in

Methods in that return RemoteDispatcher
 RemoteDispatcher JoinRequest.getDispatcher()

Constructors in with parameters of type RemoteDispatcher
JoinRequest(int gid, MemberId memberId, RemoteDispatcher dispatcher)
          Creates a new JoinRequest event for the specified memberId to join group gid.

Uses of RemoteDispatcher in

Classes in that implement RemoteDispatcher
 class NewDispatcherLayer
          Handle dispatching daemon events to other layers in the stack, e.g., the MembershipLayer and MulticastLayer.

Methods in that return RemoteDispatcher
 RemoteDispatcher NewDispatcherLayer.getRemoteDispatcher()
 RemoteDispatcher DispatcherService.getRemoteDispatcher()
          Returns the remote dispatcher reference.

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