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Packages that use MssHost

Uses of MssHost in jgroup.relacs.mss

Methods in jgroup.relacs.mss that return MssHost
 MssHost HostTable.get(int index)
          Returns the host reference having the specified index
static MssHost HostTable.getLocalHost()
          Returns the MssHost descriptor of the local host.
 MssHost MsgJG.getSender()
          Returns the sender of this message.
 MssHost FragmentHeader.getSender()
          Returns the sender of this message fragment.
 MssHost Msg.getSender()
 MssHost MsgRouting.getSender()
          Returns the sender of this message.
 MssHost HostTable.lookup(EndPoint endpoint)
          Returns the host reference to which this address is mapped.

Methods in jgroup.relacs.mss with parameters of type MssHost
 void HostTable.insert(MssHost host)
          Inserts host host in the table, unless an host with the same key is already in the table.

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