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Packages that use OrderedList

Uses of OrderedList in jgroup.relacs.registry

Subclasses of OrderedList in jgroup.relacs.registry
 class BindingList
          Objects of this class are used to maintain a set of bindings associated to one service name.

Uses of OrderedList in jgroup.util

Fields in jgroup.util declared as OrderedList
protected  OrderedList
          Reference to the next element

Methods in jgroup.util that return OrderedList
 OrderedList OrderedList.getFirst()
          Returns the first element of the OrderedList
 OrderedList OrderedList.getNext()
          Returns the next element in the OrderedList.
 OrderedList OrderedList.lookup(int key)
          Returns the first occurrence in this OrderedList of a element with the specified key, or null if the element is not found.
 OrderedList OrderedList.remove(int key)
          Removes the first occurrence of an element with the specified key in this OrderedList.
 OrderedList OrderedList.removeFirst()
          Removes and returns the first element of the list.

Methods in jgroup.util with parameters of type OrderedList
 boolean OrderedList.insert(OrderedList object)
          Inserts the specified element in the OrderedList.

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