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Packages that use DistributionScheme
jgroup.arm This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. 

Uses of DistributionScheme in jgroup.arm

Methods in jgroup.arm with parameters of type DistributionScheme
 void ReplicaPingEvent.handle(DistributionScheme distScheme)
 void ReplicaFailureEvent.handle(DistributionScheme distScheme)

Uses of DistributionScheme in jgroup.arm.recovery

Fields in jgroup.arm.recovery declared as DistributionScheme
protected  DistributionScheme AbstractRecoveryStrategy.distScheme
          The distribution scheme interface

Methods in jgroup.arm.recovery with parameters of type DistributionScheme
 void AbstractRecoveryStrategy.initialize(DistributionScheme distScheme, AppConfig app)

Uses of DistributionScheme in jgroup.core.arm

Methods in jgroup.core.arm with parameters of type DistributionScheme
 void ARMEvent.handle(DistributionScheme distScheme)
          This method must implement the actual handling of the event, as recevied by the replication manager.
 void RecoveryStrategy.initialize(DistributionScheme distScheme, AppConfig app)
          Initialize the recovery strategy for the given application.

Uses of DistributionScheme in jgroup.relacs.config

Methods in jgroup.relacs.config with parameters of type DistributionScheme
static void AppConfig.setDistributionScheme(DistributionScheme distScheme)
          Method to store the distribution scheme of the local replication manager.

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