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Packages that use RedundancyException
jgroup.arm This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. 

Uses of RedundancyException in jgroup.arm

Methods in jgroup.arm that throw RedundancyException
 int ReplicaManagerImpl.createGroup(AppConfig app)

Uses of RedundancyException in jgroup.core.arm

Methods in jgroup.core.arm that throw RedundancyException
 HostSet DistributionScheme.assignReplicas(AppConfig app)
          Assign the host location for the specified application.
 HostSet DistributionScheme.collocateReplicas(AppConfig app, AppConfig collocateWithApp)
 int ReplicationManager.createGroup(AppConfig app)
          Create a group for the specified application, with the applications required redundancy.
 Host DistributionScheme.reassignReplica(AppConfig app, Host host)
          Reassign the application replica running on the specified host.

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