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jgroup.arm This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. 

Uses of MembershipListener in jgroup.arm

Classes in jgroup.arm that implement MembershipListener
 class RecoveryLayer
          Recovery layer for providing the replication manager with view change events from groups assoicated with the replication manager.
 class ReplicaManagerImpl
          This implementation of the replication manager interfaces make use of a variant of the semi-active replication scheme, in which only the leader RM replica receive and process the requests, while the follower replicas receive state update messages through the StateListener interface.

Uses of MembershipListener in jgroup.core

Classes in jgroup.core that implement MembershipListener
 class MemberTable
          This class is an helper utility that provides application developers with additional information about members of their current view.

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Classes in that implement MembershipListener
 class MergingLayer
          This MergingLayer class implements the Jgroup state merging service.
 class NotifyLayer
          The NotifyLayer class keeps track of IIDs in the current view, and compares this to the previous.
 class TimestampLayer
          The TimestampLayer creates an agreed timestamp between all the members in a group.
 class TotalOrderLayer
          The TotalOrderLayer class implements the multicast service, and uses the underlying reliable multicast service.

Uses of MembershipListener in jgroup.relacs.gmi

Classes in jgroup.relacs.gmi that implement MembershipListener
 class JeriEGMILayer
          This layer implements the external group method invocation service based on JERI.

Uses of MembershipListener in jgroup.relacs.registry

Classes in jgroup.relacs.registry that implement MembershipListener
 class RegistryImpl
          This class implements the DependableRegistry interface.
 class RegistryLayer
          This layer implements the registry service interface, allowing the server associated with the local group manager, or layers within the group manager to gain access to the content of the dependable registry.

Uses of MembershipListener in jgroup.upgrade

Classes in jgroup.upgrade that implement MembershipListener
 class UpgradeLayer
          The UpgradeLayer allows server replicas to be upgraded with new software versions.

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