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Methods in with parameters of type RegistryService
static NotifyLayer NotifyLayer.getLayer(GroupManager gm, RegistryService rs, MembershipService ms, InternalGMIService igmi)
static LeaseLayer LeaseLayer.getLayer(RegistryService regs)

Constructors in with parameters of type RegistryService
NotifyLayer(GroupManager gm, RegistryService rs, MembershipService ms)
          Initializes a NotifyLayer

Uses of RegistryService in jgroup.relacs.registry

Classes in jgroup.relacs.registry that implement RegistryService
 class RegistryLayer
          This layer implements the registry service interface, allowing the server associated with the local group manager, or layers within the group manager to gain access to the content of the dependable registry.

Uses of RegistryService in jgroup.upgrade

Methods in jgroup.upgrade with parameters of type RegistryService
static UpgradeLayer UpgradeLayer.getLayer(MembershipService pgms, RegistryService regs, ExternalGMIService egmi)

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