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Packages that use ExternalGMIListener
jgroup.arm This package contains the implementation of the Autonomous Replication Management (ARM) framework. 

Uses of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.arm

Classes in jgroup.arm that implement ExternalGMIListener
 class ReplicaManagerImpl
          This implementation of the replication manager interfaces make use of a variant of the semi-active replication scheme, in which only the leader RM replica receive and process the requests, while the follower replicas receive state update messages through the StateListener interface.

Uses of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.core.arm

Subinterfaces of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.core.arm
 interface ReplicationManager
          The ReplicationManager interface describes the methods that a management client can invoke on the replication manager to create and remove object groups within the distributed system.

Uses of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.core.registry

Subinterfaces of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.core.registry
 interface DependableRegistry
          For obtaining references to remote objects, RMI includes a registry service, that provides methods for storing and retrieving remote object references.
 interface LookupRegistry
          Interface used by clients to lookup proxy in registry.

Uses of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.relacs.registry

Classes in jgroup.relacs.registry that implement ExternalGMIListener
 class RegistryImpl
          This class implements the DependableRegistry interface.

Uses of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.upgrade

Subinterfaces of ExternalGMIListener in jgroup.upgrade
 interface UpgradeManager
          The UpgradeManager interface describes the methods that a upgrade management client can invoke on the upgrade manager to upgrade and downgrade object groups within the distributed system.
 interface UpgradeService
          Interface implemented by the UpgradeLayer to enable the UpgradeManager to initiate an upgrade.

Classes in jgroup.upgrade that implement ExternalGMIListener
 class UpgradeLayer
          The UpgradeLayer allows server replicas to be upgraded with new software versions.
 class UpgradeManagerImpl

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